Are You Sure You’re Ready for A Digital Asset Optimization Campaign?

What are digital assets? If SEO is a basic optimization strategy for marketing websites to search engines, then what is DAO? These questions rule one’s mind especially if this is the first time one comes across the term digital asset optimization.

Digital assets are more than what traditional SEO can market. Anything that is in the form of video, audio, image or text document, is a helpful tool to increase online presence for effective digital asset optimization. In using digital assets, we go beyond just SEO; this time we use DAO.

Now, let us pretend that you already have tons of video, audio, images and text-based content for your website ready to take on the digital online marketing world.

Do you think you are ready for it?

The fact is, most of us are easily psyched up with what lies before us. In this instance, when an online business becomes popular and stable, it reassures our subconscious mind that we are on to something really big and more often, we miss out on the small but important details. The digital assets you have are the ones you fail to give enough attention to, provide enough detail and spend much time on.

Many small business owners jump on the illusion of having a great and working business online doesn’t involve anymore further work. But it is just the icing on the cake. Most people who know better would go further in checking and analyzing details for their websites. Tools such as GetClicky and Market Samurai can lead to an effective online marketing strategy; then again, work still needs to be done. Dealing with digital asset optimization requires great deal of homework, hard work and time dedication before it can become an effective internet marketing strategy.

Details are important no matter how small it is. Go over the checklist below and analyze if you have accomplished it as a requirement for an effective online marketing campaign.

Don’t forget to do your homework. What are the usual keyword query results you normally get for your target words? Do you see consistency and relevancy with the results you get every time you run a search? Think about these basic results-driven searches so you easily identify which digital asset you can start marketing and optimizing.

Be extra creative when you think of an effective marketing strategy for your digital assets. For example, creating new set of videos for week #3 in your marketing campaign is almost too time consuming. Actually, you can recycle what you already have. A full-length video can be divided into relevant snippets. These can all be used for video optimization. Any type of presentation made for business purposes can all be recorded as video and audio files. Practice these habits so you get more digital assets whenever you need it.

Incorporate texts with video or audio files. When we say incorporate, it doesn’t only mean you can mix it up. It also means you can take advantage of text optimization along with your video uploaded files or podcasts. Either way, you’ll get full blast digital optimization of assets placed on your website’s landing pages. The key here is to ensure that each of the file uploaded is labeled with corresponding target keywords in all areas necessary.

Terrence Forbes-Taylor is an Online Marketing Consultant and Executive General Manager of DAO LLC located in Atlanta Ga. Digital Asset Optimization LLC is a Digital Marketing Strategy firm specializing in local internet marketing, search engine optimization, small business web design and social media services for small businesses.

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